Tips and Tricks

All metabolisms are different and each person will achieve results according to their metabolism, but other factors help for better results … follow them

1) Must be constant to accomplish your goal. Remember that it is not only a Natural Agricultural Product that will do magic for you.  You must be consistent to accomplish your goal. We advise you to purchase and complete three units with NO break in-between.

2) This product assists in melting fat, do not eat excessive fat, it is not a good idea to burn fat and consuming junk food at the same time.

3) Zemiente reduces your appetite, eat only if you really want to eat. Eat as you normally do.

4) Do not eat fats (or reduce as much as you can), its better to eat fruits and vegetables.

5) The fat is directed to the mitochondria of your cells, performing 20 minutes of daily exercise will transform fat into pure energy.

6) You must continue until you reach the desired goal.

7) Many people start feeling different and seeing a difference within  2-3 weeks of consuming Zemiente. However, if your system is stubborn, you will go through the detox for a longer period of time as your body may have a lot more unwanted toxic waste hence it will take longer for you to start seeing a difference. The trick is to be consistent and remain positive.

8)It is also important to note that certain people may pick up a little weight first before losing. The reason for this is that your body may try to fight the content of the product when absorbed by your system and it will try to hold on to any food taken in by you. It will eventually give in and you will start losing weight.

We recommend that once you have reached your desired weight, you still continue taking the product but reduce to 1/8 of the product 3 times a week to keep your system consistently clean.