Who can and who should not take this product (and explanations).

You have a medical condition (heart disease, kidney or liver disease)
We strongly do not recommend this product if you have any of the above mentioned illnesses. Some people may have illnesses which they are not aware of, so it is best to have a medical check up regularly.

People who suffer from gastritis, low stomach acid or ulcers.

It is not recommended that the  product is consumed if you have ulcers, as this product is an intestinal irritant. However, we had positive feedback from people that have ulcer problems and continued using Zemiente and they found that Zemiente has helped with their problem as it reduces body heat. Even if you do not have, focus on your bowel ulcer care by eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, yogurt and lactobacillus as usual.
Note: if you had surgery or stomach or bowel is irritable digestive system, DO NOT use this product. If you have low stomach acid, Helicobacter Pylori then it is advisable not to consume this product.

Pregnant or nursing women.
Even when there is no evidence that it is detrimental to the health of your baby, if we know that the pregnancy should be careful in extreme ways. Remember that it is the formation of a valuable human being.

If you are pregnant or nursing, only eat food that is proven to be beneficial for your baby leave the aesthetic of his person in second place, and have time to recover their beauty, do the right thing. Consume not anything that would jeopardize the health, normal growth and development of your baby.

Over 65 years and under 16 years.
Not recommended that elderly or older to consume this product.
Do not recommend that children consume this product, because they are in a full growth and development phase in their lives.  When a child has problems with obesity due to causes other than a sluggish bowel, as is the case in the elderly. (Usually caused by the passage of time and daily stress).

People who are allergic.
Although it is a natural product, remember that many people are allergic to antibiotics or many natural products such as seafood, corn, nuts, eggs, etc. If you are a highly allergic person, it is not recommended to eat or use extreme caution. If you do purchase this product and you have a bit of itchy feeling in your body, discontinue use immediately as you could be allergic.

People recovering from illness or surgery.
We do not recommend that people who are recovering from treatment or a surgery or an accident, etc. consume this product. And that should not be combined intake of this product with medication and also requires all its vitality for optimal and effective recovery.

Medical treatment or other slimming treatments.
Do not combine this product with any medical treatment especially for heart, kidney, hormone medication.
Although we know that if it can be combined with some, we know that combined with others can have consequences, so we say it is not recommended.

Other considerations
a) As with any chemical or natural treatment, if the product becomes intolerant, you must stop immediately.
b) Keep out of reach of children.
c) Keep the product in a cool and free from excessive moisture.
d) This natural product is not intended to be a drug.
e) This product does not cure or is not medication to cure any illnesses. It is merely an Agricultural product with nutritional properties.
f) Never take more than required. Consume responsibly. Intake/Consuming of Chocolate in any form and Alcohol has proven to slow down the process of the product adding value to your body. However if you do consume alcohol, do not take Zemiente that day. Rather take it the next day.
g) This product is 100% natural and responsibility for whom this product is consumed by, to understand it and consume it responsibly.

Follow all instructions given and you will get excellent health benefits as thousands of people around the world.

Disclaimer: This website has been updated with information to the best of our knowledge. Zemiente is purchased and consumed at own risk.
Zemiente.Com, its Directors, Distributors and Promoters may not be held responsible for any loss or Injury whilst consuming this product. It is the responsibility of the consumer to read up on all the information before making a purchase and if any hyper sensitivity to the product is displayed whilst consuming it, you should stop.