What Our Clients Say About Us

We welcome your testimonials. Some testimonials below are from people that used our product first and after seeing the results, decided to become distributors of Zemiente. Please send all testimonials via email to sales@zemiente.com

  • This product has changed my life. At 51 I was desperate, eating minimal and exercising 4 times a week and still could not lose weight. With insulin resistance, hypothyroidism and menopause, I had almost given up. A friend introduced me to Zemiente in 2017 and within 7 months I had lost 12 kgs. I became a distributor after achieving these fantastic resylts. My aim is to help give hope to others in this same position. Warm regards, Dianne Rautenbach

    Dianne RautenbachDurban, October 2017
  • Hi I’m Tanya , I started using Zemiente in May 2016 with a starting weight of 94kgs. I am now 74kgs and full of energy, feeling sexy and will recommend this product for fast effective weight loss with no effort to everyone who is really serious about losing those extra pounds….thanks Zemiente and special thanks to my dearest friend Ruwayda for introducing and convincing me to start with Zemiente, thanks to her guidance and perseverance , I have this great new body and just loving every moment of it.

    Tanya Cape Town, October 2016

  • I started taking Zemiente in December 2014 and by April 2015 I had already dropped 2 dress sizes and was continuing to lose. I know wear a size 34, where before I used to wear a size 44. I don’t believe in checking kilos , rather centimetres and you can literally watch yourself drop the weight month by month. Zemiente is my recommendation to any person that is struggling to lose weight.

    Chantal JHB, Oct 2016
  • When I started with Zemiente I weighed 91.4 kgs. I never thought that losing weight would be so simple and easy, with Zemiente it was effortless and in 2 months I lost 12.9kgs. It was an amazing feeling and I would recommend Zemiente to anyone and everyone. All thanks to Ruwayda and Ebrahim for introducing Zemiente to me, and today i am a proud distributor of Zemiente an ‘ A’ Grade product.

    Kareemah JHB, Oct 2016
  • I was told a few years ago that I would never lose any weight anymore but only gain due to my thyroid problems. I started in November 2014, have lost 30 kilos ever since I have started drinking this Amazing product, and don’t ever want to stop drinking it, I really don’t just look good but I feel amazing all thanks to Zemiente. Now due to this amazing product I have become an agent recently and this gives me the opportunity to help many more people with weight issues.

    Leticia MatthewsMay 2016

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